Why Choose Me?

No Waiting Lists

This private practice creates the opportunity for your counselling journey to start when you need it most. The NHS counselling service is crippled with waiting times, causing deeper distress and despair for those who need it.

With no waiting lists, this practice therefore provides a service in which you can begin when you are ready.

Physical ill health?

Working many years as a pharmacy dispenser enabled me to see both the value and need for counselling. It enabled me to see both the positive and negative impacts that medication can have on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Physical ill heath can create so many hurdles in our lives and create feelings of hopelessness, isolation, depression, anxiety, panic and fear. Suffering with illness can make us feel imprisoned, burdened and alone. Physical ill heath should not mean a life sentence of additional mental or physical suffering or reduced quality of life. 

Counselling provides a safe and supportive environment that cultivates empowerment and facilitates a nurturing space for those who feel unheard and left behind. Counselling gives hope and reassurance that wellbeing, peace and quality of life is within reach.


The effects of trauma can be felt severely, both physically and mentally. It has a debilitating effect on health, relationships and our overall wellbeing.


Trauma can manifest in undigested emotions within the body for years. This can cause the mind to constantly be on guard, living in fear. Trauma can derive from many experiences, from sexual and domestic abuse to a chronic illness and bereavement. 

The spectrum of trauma is broad, can be obvious or subtly undetected for years. Often trauma manifests in physical ill heath, due to our bodies being flooded with stress induced hormones, creating havoc within our systems.

Belper Counselling & Wellbeing offers tailored counselling methods that help not only the undigested emotions of trauma but supports individuals via techniques in which can be utilised to create better heath, improve relationships and improved emotional heath.

Counselling for M.E?

Being diagnosed with M.E./CFS (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) in 2011 gave me a profound awareness of how quickly a chronic illness can turn your life upside down. 

M.E. is still a misunderstood and underestimated illness. So many sufferers are living behind closed doors feeing hopeless, afraid and alone. Counselling is an invaluable tool for those suffering with this illness and CBT is routinely recommended for those with M.E./CFS. CBT is shown to have positive results with the symptoms of depression and stress related triggers often felt by M.E. CFS sufferers.

Throughout my own journey I have come to know that it is not just about symptom management but gaining your life back via support and self-care. A continuing journey of recovery and fulfilled life.